BUDSMITH is a unique brand of hand-crafted cannabis flower, designed to meet the discriminating tastes of the cannabis connoisseur.

Only by taking the time, attention and expertise to combine top genetics with proven cultivation, harvesting and curing practices, are we able to achieve flowers that go beyond the ordinary bud.

And even after all that, we select only the best flowers, in terms of bud consistency, smell, flavor and smoke, as well as potency and effect, to be allowed into the BUDSMITH packaging.


All cannabis buds are not created equal. On dispensary shelves you will find buds that range from excellent to poor, and strain names that offer zero reliability or consistency.

But the cultivators of a truly crafted cannabis flower deserve to be termed “smith” – donating the skill of creating something of unique valuable out of a specific material. In this case the material is cannabis and the skill is in its breeding and cultivation. The result is the BUDSMITH product.

What is produced today is far different from the “weed” of the past, when cannabis was not scrutinized by connoisseur as it today. The illegal “weed” of the early 60’s is now a highly crafted, beautiful and specialized cultivated flower, with unique qualities in appearance, taste, smell and effect.

Today’s cannabis flower consumers want and expect the best, and the BUDSMITH brand delivers on those expectations.